1. No vandalising. Vandalism will not be tolerated. A warning will be given to anyone who violates this rule, and at the third vandalism, the offender will receive a 1 week ban.

2. No adding of useless stuff on any of the wiki's pages. Anyone who violates this rule will be given a warning, then a ban if done again.

3. No adding of off-topic posts or comments on any page(excluding talk pages and the off-topic section of the forums) The punishment would be a warning, and a ban if repeated.

4. Please do not add any porn to my wiki. Anyone who violates this would be given an immediate ban.

5. No making of pages that are not related to this wiki. We have an off-topic section here.

6. No trash talking. Trash talking would result to a ban.

7. No fighting. This is a wiki. We must work together to make it a better wiki. Once there is a fight, both users will get blocked.

8. No bullying. Report to any administrator's talk page if someone bullies you.